Adapting WLP and swap USDC.e to Native Stable

Hello dear Winr Community,
given WLP was created before a native stable was implemented on Arbitrum, the WLP contains the bridged USDC version. Due to the recent and past bridge accidents i do not see the need to expose us to this risk while we have another Option. Therefore i would like to propose to Swap USDC.e to a Native Stable and adapt the composition on the WLP in this regard.

Kind regards, Polkawarrior


I do not agree with this proposal. for the following reasons
The first and most important reason is USDC.e has been around for much longer than native USDC hence it is easily the most liquid and easily accessible of the two having permeated the space, every protocol have USDC.e already integrated and still currently in use, users can easily get USDC.e from anywhere and use on justbet. Unlike USDC which is still slowly making its way across the board and may present some hurdles accessing it.

Secondly, since USDC.e has been around much longer than ARB native USDC, it has earned its stripes, one can say it’s the safer option unlike native USDC which just began its journey and yet to be battle tested.

Rather than replace USDC.e, it will be better to include arb native USDC in the mix.


Good take. Do agree on your thoughts!

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