Buy/Burn Wallet vWINR

On the first day of each month, vWINR that has accrued from any WLP held in the buy/burn wallet (0x2ac1f0eadf39b98d47b41bde602163f08ea3f594), shall be vested at 15 days. At the end of the 15 days, the vWinr shall be converted to WINR (50% reduction) and promptly sent to the burn address, further limiting the amount of vWINR/WINR that will ever enter the market.

This proposal will help to further the deflationary effects of the protocol.

At the time of this proposal, 691,570.77 vWINR was held in the buy/burn wallet.


Sounds like a good idea to me.


I like the idea, but what is the current intention for the WLP and vwinr?

It’s important to clarify that the vWINR accumulated in the buy/burn wallet primarily stems from vWINR rewards for WLP holders.

From the outset, the plan was to burn all of these vWINRs, and to that end, we have already initiated the process. This involves a 15-day vesting period followed by the immediate conversion of all WINRs to vWINR, resulting in a 50% reduction, and then promptly sending them to the burn address. This strategic move is intended to limit the influx of WINR into the market.


This has now been performed.

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Nice work team.
Thank you