I have three suggestions

3 suggestions:

Hello everyone, I am Smile. Regarding the current situation of JUSTBET, I would like to make 3 suggestions. Welcome to discuss.
1.Chat window. Do not place it in the bottom right corner or hide the window, as it can be troublesome to chat or watch. Place the chat window next to the “Betting” on the game page, scroll the Chat log in real time, and share and communicate with other players at any time. In this way, the chat function has its meaning.
2.Defi automation. This agreement is a bit complex, and the team may be able to simplify it to make it look like “UNISWAP”, where the pledger can view and claim the proceeds at any time. This is WEB 3.
3.Lottery system. I hope the lottery can arrive soon.I live in a country without an open and transparent system. Almost everyone knows that lottery tickets are deceptive, but there is a constant stream of people buying them every day, and if they win, it can change their fate. So, I believe that an open and transparent lottery system can bring hope and surprise to people. There is also traffic in the crypto world.


Great thoughts!

  1. I agree. I never open the chat, because I’m betting and have the bet results popup instead. This suggestion aligns much better with industry standards like twitch and youtube for live chat
  2. If this is automation of daily rewards and such, definitely agree, real time is better when possible
  3. This is interesting! Glad to see lottery interest.

Hello @daxiong,

Thank you for sharing your suggestions. We appreciate your input and would like to address each of your suggestions:

  1. We understand the inconvenience of the current chat window placement. Your advice to move it next to the “Betting” section on the game page is valid. This might bring more participants to the chat. Duly noted.

  2. Could you please give us more details about what you mean here?

  3. Lottery is under development. It is going to become live together with many other exciting games very soon.

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. We appreciate your engagement and encourage further discussions to shape the future of JustBet. Our team remains committed to improving the user experience, simplifying processes, and exploring new features that align with the vision of an open and decentralized casino.

Best regards.

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