New Site Category: Proposals

Please add a site category for Proposal Requests where people can draft out and suggest proposals. Include in the category description what the criteria would be for something to move to Snapshot for actual voting. 10 likes? 20 likes? 100 WINR bribe? Right now there is no guidance :slight_smile:


Agreed. Please provide the necessary structure for governance proposals.

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@WINRProtocol-Jack please review and implement new site category based on this community feedback. As well as some guidance on team criteria for something to be put to a snapshot vote.

Do you mean like a guide for drafting proposals?

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Hey Jack. Thanks for being here. I mean first just a Category on the site. As seen on the opening page all there is is General and Site Feedback. So having a category and/or tags for proposal will help organization.
Secondarily, we haven’t gotten guidance on what level of engagement here would be “enough” to trigger actually voting on a proposal.
Thank you!