Proposal: Place cap on 10x multiplier vWINR wallets

The community is happy to see the multiplier rolled out as promised and in use. There is concern about a handful of large wallets churning so much volume that WINR is diluted too heavily.
We propose a cap on the amount of vWINR that can be minted using the initial multiplier.

Discussion may be needed for the specific amount. Some have mentioned 5 million, some 10 million. Please like this post to show support for a cap/limit and also comment if you prefer any particular quantity for the 30 day period.


Fully agree on the proposal.

Just by checking the wallet of the contest leader I saw that he already put over 9m vWINR into Vesting after a single day of this event. That is nearly 1% of the max WINR supply. Of course in this case half of it will be burned, because he chose to vest for 15d, but it also shows that the current setup is way to attractive for mercenary locusts who’s only interest is to extract maximum capital for themselves rather than the incentives benefiting the protocol or longterm holders.

So, personally I’d think even 10million is too high. I rather like to see the treasury have some funds left for future promotions. Maybe a 5x or 3x multiplier event after reaching some milestones like $100m betting volume or 10m bets or whatever. I think that would be much better than wasting most of the ecosystem rewards for this single event which heavily benefits some whales who seem to only intend to farm and dump the token anyway.

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Its a no brainer, i honestly thought there was a cap.

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I am supportive of a cap, if community / devs feel the results of the incentive are “outpacing” projected results.

Would really want/need some team feedback on that point, in terms of having the info needed, I think, related to said projections, to figure out what an optimal cap would be.

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Fully agree on the proposal.

The cap is placed at 5M and manual revoking is in progress atm.