Proposal: Set Distribution Time for Staking Rewards

Hello, WINR community.

Mods, please feel free to move this proposal to a “Proposal” category once one is established. For now, I am posting this in “General” for lack of better place.

Proposal (short version):

I propose a set time of 10am UTC be established for the distribution of daily staking rewards.

While the team works on an automated method for distribution, this proposal discounts the possibility that rewards may continue to be issued manually in the meantime. However, the proposal requests the time be universally regimented to regulate the issuance of said rewards.


Virtually all investment hypotheses involving the WINR protocol revolve around “real yield” – earning staking rewards in WLP, and the rewards associated with WLP itself.

Thus far, staking rewards have been pushed out manually due to the difficulties involved with automating this process (as per the forum moderators and admins). That said, the time for distribution has varied widely since the platform launch, and on at least one occasion was skipped and issued the following day.

This sort of variance in distribution schedule makes it increasingly hard for investors to track their own yield and validate their investment returns.

The purpose of this proposal is not to interfere with the development of automated distribution matters, but rather to establish a set and accountable distribution “time” for staking rewards to be issued.

Thanks for your attention on this matter.

Devs/moderators, please advise as to the proper procedure for this proposal to be moved forward.

Thank you.


Great point Grandma. I support this proposal. Do we need any amendment because of the “24 hour window”? If so, could be this simple:

  • Monday 10am UTC
  • Tuesday 10:02 am UTC
  • Wednesday 10:04 am UTC
  • Thursday 10:06 am UTC
  • Friday 10:08 am UTC
  • Saturday 10:10 am UTC
  • Sunday - Reset day, rewards stack

This being until we do a proposal to change the contract to a 23:55 reset :slight_smile:


Passing a proposal is one thing, implementation is another. I don’t believe the team intentionally vary reward distro times and even if this proposal passes, there is no guarantee rewards distribution will always occur on agreed upon time as long as the process remains manual. Rather i think a better approach will be to set time frames, something like between 10AM UTC - 12Pm UTC will work better IMO. I believe the goal of this proposal is to better help investors track their investment. Having a time frame for distribution still accomplishes this while allowing devs less room for default.


Thanks for the added comment, gents.

Team has suggested this is a good practice round, but not a needed proposal given they are looking to solve this with an automated solution soon.


The team is working on the automation for this currently.


Great. Appreciate the reply.

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The functions required to distribute the rewards work under the Protocol Role of the governance roles.

This role has other functions that may be unsafe to use without hardware wallets or multisigs. For this reason, we are working on a solution to decouple distribution functions from this role and have it done via scheduler address, much like the daily epoch calls to the strategy contracts.


Thank you for the detailed feedback ser!

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Hey Jack and fellow admins,
Just following up on this to see if any developments have occurred since this was last raised.

I realize the development cycle is pretty busy with games and platform releases, which are certainly of primary importance… but I do think, as an investor feature, this is an eventual necessity, and a lot of daily bandwidth on our media gets drowsed with “when distribution” queries… which is not a great look and might scare away investment.

Cheers and thanks IA.

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Hello guys,

Is here any update on?

Thank you for your feedback

Bumping this thread for updates.

Cheers IA.

We have now deployed a feecollector contract that has publicly callable withdrawAllFees and distributeAll functions. We will provide more in-depth details on how anyone can do this.


Perfect - thanks, Jack. I noticed this.

I know that with some wallets, like MM, it might have trouble executing/estimating fees for those. Look forward to the how-to.


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