WIP-3: Maximum Bet Calculation Based on Maximum Payout


The primary motivations driving this proposal are rooted in risk management for the WINR platform’s bankroll (WLP pool) and the imperative of ensuring its long-term sustainability.

Proposed Actions

We propose a fundamental change in how the maximum bet amount is determined on the WINR platform. Currently, the maximum bet is capped arbitrarily, but we suggest a new approach: setting the maximum bet amount based on the maximum payout potential. Under this proposal, the maximum payout for any bet will be limited to 1% of the total bankroll, which is the WINR Liquidity Pool (WLP).

This change would provide several benefits:

Risk Management: By tying the maximum payout to the WLP, it adds a robust layer of risk management to the platform, shielding it from potential large losses and ensuring the bankroll’s stability.

Platform Sustainability: Sustainable growth and longevity are paramount to the WINR platform’s success. This proposal helps secure the platform’s sustainability by preventing excessive exposure to risk.

Fairness: The new approach ensures fairness in bet limits, preventing disproportionately large bets that could jeopardize the platform’s financial health.

User Incentives: Players will still have an incentive to participate in the ecosystem, as the possibility of winning substantial payouts is preserved within responsible limits.

Expected Effects

The proposed change in calculating the maximum bet amount based on the maximum payout being 1% of the WLP is expected to yield several positive outcomes:

Enhanced User Experience: Users will have a fair understanding of the maximum potential payout for their bets, creating a more enjoyable betting experience.

Responsible Betting: With a reasonably capped maximum payout, players are encouraged to engage in responsible betting practices, fostering a healthier and more sustainable gaming environment.

Platform Sustainability: The risk of significant losses to the WLP due to extremely large bets is mitigated, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the WINR Protocol.


In conclusion, this proposal suggests a critical improvement to the WINR platform by calculating the maximum bet amount based on the maximum payout, limited to 1% of the WLP. This change not only enhances transparency and fairness but also promotes responsible betting practices and overall ecosystem sustainability.

By implementing this change, WINR expects to create a more engaging and attractive betting platform for both existing and new users. The balance between potential rewards and responsible betting is crucial for the long-term success and growth of the WINR ecosystem.


This is a no brainer, i could have sworn i read something like this in the WINR docs, maybe i confused max bet with max payout. All the same this is the way to go and i support it fully. It should be implemented asap.

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Excellent - and sounds like this already exists on the backend and needs merely to be turned on?

I support this.

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This is a brilliant idea.

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It’s more like it was in one of the audited models we had. Still needs some further polishing and obviously, testing, but our simulations so far show more stable WLP.

For reference, this model already exists in the upcoming degens.bet contracts.


Makes sense. I am sure Degens made you consider WLP in a more critical way, given the scaling of the bets.

Fully support this. Thanks for the replies and proposal, Jack.

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Yes, it’s long overdue!

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